Different kinds of Bee suit

We love Beekeepeing

Most of the beekeeping suits that we carry are developed from fine quality cotton fibers, which makes the beekeeping suits thick and could not allow penetration of bee sting and are a better choice to be used except summer season.

The protective clothing items made from Nylon on the other hand have a very breathable quality which is a good choice to be used in hot weather. Although nylon material is thin, it requires some time for the bee sting to be fully inserted through the cloth material and tough the skin, but it happens on rare occasions as nylon is slippery and bees tend to fall off from it as they are unable to grasp the material.

The bee suits made by mesh or Our sting proof bee suit to provide a guard against bee sting are the best protective suits, if the material is layered several times, it could help repel most of the stinging bees. Mesh is generally attached to the hat which allows protection against the sting of bees on areas of the face and neck region while giving the individual area to have a clear vision.

The white color of all the bee-keeping suits and protective items available on our site is due to the reason as dark-colored items tend to agitate the bees, making them attack the individual almost immediately. According to the scientific research which has been done extensively over the nature of bees, it has been speculated that dark color on an item confuses the bees. If the stingers see any human clad in dark-colored clothing, they could mistake the person for a wild bear and would aggressively attack the individual, which could become lethal for the person. This reaction is due to bears and bees do not get along contently, so such confusion should be avoided.

For individuals that are new to this hobby of beekeeping as they could have adapted during the coronavirus pandemic, investment in superior quality beekeeping suits is a good way to start with.